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Where and Why do most online marketers fail...

It's because they don't have a proven advertising plan or
budget in place... instead they jump from one shiny new
MLM or Ad program to the next, spending their dwindling
cash reserves and advertising budget on whatever
hot new system the "gurus" are telling them about this week...

What you need to do is pick one Program,
that's already been Proven to work, and
stick with it for at least a year or longer.

You should also use Responsive, free, (or small fee), yet,
Effective Advertising Programs, DAILY.

We recommend that you use the Ad Programs in
TheMoneyListMailer's Downline & Referral Builder,
to promote your Website or Affiliate URL to.

If you want an easier way to promote, use the Top
Ad Programs listed on http://MyTopSafelists.com.

Send Out, at least 10 Emails Ads every day, to 10 different
ad programs listed in the TMLM Downline Builder or !

Don't forget to add Your IDs in the Box next to each
program you join in the TMLM Downline Builder.

As soon as your TMLM personal referral base begins
to grow, send out a weekly or monthly progress report
of the growth of your TMLM referral base to your
TMLM downline. Offer them extra credits in TMLM
if they join you in the Ad Program that You are introducing
to them in your TMLM referral contact email.

TheMoneyListMailer.com Admin allows you to contact Your
TMLM Downline 1 to 3 times a week, depending on your
upgraded status. It is free to email your TMLM downline
and encourage them to join the same ad programs in
TheMoneyListMailer's Downline Builder and begin to promote
their TMLM Referral URL to those programs, as well.

In fact, TheMoneyListMailer.com Admin wants you to grow your
TMLM Downline List and will reward you will a FR*EE upgrade
if you refer 101+ Fr*ee members to TheMoneyListMailer.com
using Your referral URL. See the members area for more
information. NO Duplicate Memberships or Paid to Sign Up
Members Allowed! These referrals must remain active for
3 months and at least 1 of them must be upgraded members
of TheMoneyListMailer.com, which will help you receive a
coinsistant monthly income.
If You should use TheMoneyListMailer.com's Downline Builder
and the Ad Programs on the "MyTopSafelists.com" Webpage
on a Daily basis you should begin to have multiple downlines in
all of the programs we have listed.

And soon, You will be able to earn a good income and have
thousands of fr ee ad credits at your disposal, from the actions
of your TMLM Downline as you gently encourage them to join and
upgrade in some of the more responsive programs listed in these
2 programs.

Remember . . ~ Consistancy is Very Important! ~

when using this Easy, yet, Effective Marketing System.

The more you promote, the more you will earn, so . . .
Do NOT Give Up!

We, ourselves, promote with these Proven Top Safelists and have
gained thousands of referrals into our Main Ad Program.

In fact, in one Day we earned $100+, just using these
Advertising Programs. Then, we emailed our Referral
Base, & let them know of our success, and they, too, began
succeed as they followed our Simple Step by Step instructions,
and created for Themselves, Several flows of Reliable and
Steady Income and Ad Credit balance Overflows.

It isn't difficult at all...
you don't need a PhD in marketing, or a Guru or anything else...
v Just Consistency!
v It really isn't rocket science...
You can make GoodMoney online with absolutely no experience...
v If you are reading this email, you already have all the computer
expertise you need to get your share of Online Gold...

It's really that easy... you just have to
Stick with Promoting One Program at a Time!


P.S. And when that great opportunity does come around,
that is a True income builder, (not a get rich, or a "Lotions
&\or a Potions" scheme), You will have already spent the
time to build up your referral base/list in TheMoneyListMailer.com,
then you will only need to contact Your TMLM downline
about your new opportunity, instead of flooding the
internet with never opened, never read ads!

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What's Next?. . . Step By Step Instructions:

After you have Joined TheMoneyListMailer.com follow the
Step by Step Instructions on how to Promote Your
Referral Builder and other Programs, More Effectively,
with PROFITABLE Results Found in the TMLM Downline
Builder to the left of the Member's Area once you have
verified your email address and logged in!

Notice: We have had to revamp the Downline Builder
since a lot of the ad programs listed in it had recently
closed their doors.
Until we get everything up and running smoothly again,
Join 10 ad programs each day and send your ads
out to them. Don't forget to view their membership's
ads and/or visit their website, as each admin requires,
so you can send out your tmlm ad to their membership.

All of these first 25+ Ad Programs are worth upgrading
in, if your budget allows it. If not, when you refer
people with your TMLM Referral URL and they sign
up under you, encourage them to sign up, upgrade if
they can and use the ad programs in the TMLM Downline
you will earn more ad credits for yourself and a commission
that you can use to upgrade in each of the first 25+ Ad Programs.

Once everything is up and running well in the TMLM
Downline Builder, we will post an Announcement to
check your IDs to make sure that are in the correct

After that just follow the instructions on the
Downline Builders page that will instruct you to
look for the corresponding day, and join all of the Ad
Programs listed for that Day. In other words, if the
Date is the 1st of the month, then, Join all the Ad
programs listed below the "Day 1" Section of the
TMLM Downline Builder.

If there are no ad programs for the current date, then join all of the ad programs on the next day.

Once you have joined those ad programs and have
validated your email address, login, (pay attention
to the OneTimeOffers, OTOs, you usually won't
see them again after your first login).
Take advantage of their OTOs if you are able to.

View 5 to 10 ads, (depending on the admin's
requirement), in the "unclaimed or missed"
credits area. The Tab is located to the left
of the members area. If not, look for their
ads in your eMail box.

Then post Your TheMoneyListMailer.com's Ad in
the "Send Message" area or post an ad of
your choosing.

Do not forget to post your banner and text
ads, as well and add credits to them.
Also read their FAQs page, some of the
Admins have strict instructions as to what
kind of ad you can post.

Later on, we will send you some reviews of the most
Responsive Ads Programs!

Here's a Thank You Promo Code for reading
this long informational page, Use this Code: TMLM4Me!
to get more TheMoneyListMailer.com Ad Credits!

Day 1
Join the Ad Programs below and begin
Using the Simple Referral Builder Now:

1. https://www.trker.com/go/122650
2. https://www.trker.com/go/139921
3. https://www.trker.com/go/123343
4. https://www.trker.com/go/18613
5. http://www.trker.com/go/138481
6. https://www.trker.com/go/134831
7. https://www.trker.com/go/136965
8. https://www.trker.com/go/16968
9. https://www.trker.com/go/136960
10. https://www.trker.com/go/123346

Join each program using the links above.
(Please do not change the links some come with
special rewards for you in TheMoneyListMailer.com,
and other websites if you join using the original
referral link).

Place the Login Links, with their passwords and
Usernames in a Spread Sheet like Excel, listed
under the Title "Day 1".

Send out your ads in the morning or the middle of
the day or early evening. Keep your credit amounts
up by viewing other member's ad while you are
watching tv or a movie. Or buy more credits as you
need them. Your Active referrals can also help you
gain more ad credits when they view ads or buy credits.

The Next Report:
More Information about this simple marketing system.


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